Comb Chase method

Comb Chase method

One of the most basic techniques to get straighter hair when flat ironing is to chase your flat iron with a fine comb. Doing this separates the hair and yields a straighter result. There are a few tools on the market that build upon this idea and can help get the hair straighter, when a fine toothed comb just isn’t enough.

Soft Boar Bristle Brush

This isn’t marketed specifically as a straightening tool but I found it to be very effective at doing so. Because the brush allows more smoothing and tension on a section of hair the end result is smoother. Also since the bristles have alot of give they do not readily break the hair while passing it through. I personally prefer the types of boar brushed that have one soft and one stiff side so i can use the soft side for straightening and the stiff side fro smoothing my edges.

The downside to this method is that depending on how dense the brush is, it may not penetrate the stands enough to detangle fully separate the hair. If you try this method, make sure you use small sections and get a brush that has widely spaced bristles..

The Brush Attachment

On a styler / hatchet blow dryers you have the option of a brush attachment. This attachment helps to detangle and separate the hairs during the blow drying process. The tines are well spaced apart and lengthy so that they can efficiently smooth out the hair. With a straighter blow drying result, flat ironing is a piece of cake.

The downside to this is that the stiffness of the bristles vary from model to model. Some might be flexible while others will rip your hair out. Make sure to slowly take your time and have hair that is already detangled before using this attachment.

Easy Comb

img-thingThe easy comb is used very commonly with keratin treatments. This is similar to using the comb chase method but it has an interlocking straight side. This helps to create more tension and therefore a straighter result. When purchasing an easy comb make sure that it is of a good quality and that the teeth of the comb are spaced together to your preferences.

Straightening brush

The straightening brush builds upon the idea of the easy comb and the boar bristle brush. The two put together give even more tension than the others due to having two inter locking brushes. Some of these brushes also have vents in them where they can be used with a blowdryer for a straighter result. When purchasing a straightening brush make sure that the bristles are 100% boar.

The round brush

The round brush is one of the most used straightening tools. Not only can they be used to straighten the hair during the blowdry, they can also be used to chase the hair after flat ironing. there are two types of round brush one made of boar bristles and one made of nylon bristles with vents.

The vented one works best when using a blowdryer alone but I personally prefer the straighter and smoother result with a boar bristle brush. When purchasing a round brush try to get one that had the least amount of rubber on the handle so that it doesn’t catch your hair when using it.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a way to get straighter blowdry and flat ironing results!

Thanks for reading!<3