During my usual ebay searches i was able to get a couple of these ABBA cream masks for very cheap. This is probably the most “natural” product I have ever used! I am always using commercial products so this was just a first step to a natural product for me. Even though this is old packaging the product inside worked extremely well!

The packaging is a bit plain and simple but the product was great. I used it as both a rinse out conditioner and a deep treatment mask. I loved it more as a deep treatment and my hair would feel so soft and silky once I rinsed it out.

The product was a very thick custard like consistency with a tiny bit of shimmer. it smelled really herbal and I did not care for the scent at all. Thankfully once I rinsed it out the smell did not stay on the hair.

This line has new packaging now and this conditioner should be the same as Abba Pure Color Care conditioner. If I ever decide to go to using all natural products I think this is the conditioner for me. Hopefully the new product smells a bit better though!

Thanks for Reading!<3