I have been searching for a large plastic mesh roller for years! Up until recently they were not available in the United States. As soon as they became avaliable I made sure to snatch up a few sets for myself! Lets take a look on the differences between these conical rollers and my old red mesh rollers.

I purchased these rollers from Capelli Care, a new website that sells both hourglass and halo (straight) rollers. The packaging was neat and it shipped very fast! They also regularly have sales which makes purchasing them so much better.

I purchased the pink which is 42mm or 1.65in and the white which is 47mm or 1.85in. Its not quite 2 inches but it the largest I have ever seen for a plastic mesh roller. My red mesh rollers are about 1.5 inches wide.

Next to my red mesh rollers they look like giants!

The Hourglass rollers are slightly wider than my regular mesh rollers which mean that i can use wider sections when I am rolling up my hair. No more do I have to deal with hair slipping off the sides of my roller. The hourglass shape also helps with keeping the hair I roll centered in the middle of the roller and not fall off the sides.

The only downside about the shape is that you cant really fit them inside of each other for storage. My red mesh can slide into the pink ones but the pink ones cannot slide into the white ones. Thankfully I have enough space to keep them all.

The best part about these rollers are the little nubs that exist on the roller. These help to grasp the hair and keep the hair from slipping and sliding around on the roller. They don’t snag the hair at all and are great for rolling natural hair.

Overall I really think these are some great rollers and I cant wait to set with them regularly! Thank you Capelli Care for making these available in the USA!