Everyone I’d like you to meet my new boo! Aphogee has come out with a new haircare line called “Curlific” and as far as I can tell its the bee’s knees. I have been using the Curl Definer since it came out and i think I have found my Holy Grail styler!

The product itself has a thick creamy consistency and comes in a bright yellow tube. The packaging is actually what drew me to the product because I thought it was cute and fun. It has a light inoffensive soapy scent and works well with other products.

In my hair though this stuff works magic! I get all of the volume of a creamy styler but the hold of a gel. My wash n goes last several days with this stuff in my hair, no wetting or reviving needed. Even when I sleep at night my curls keep their shape and I dont even have to pin all my hair at night. I just sleep with my hair loose! (on a satin pillow case of course! lol)

When it initially dries it is a bit stiff but it easily scrunches out. It is nothing like the stiffness you get when using a gel. I also found that using a creamy leave in under the product alleviates the stiffness but keeps the hold.

Some more pros about this product is that it works well to slick back the hair, only a little amount of product is needed, it has no sticky or greasy residue and can be reactivated with water. This products is just one that keeps on giving!

This is really a great products and Aphogee has really hit the nail on the head with this new product. is all a curly girl could dream of! I plan on trying the other products from this line soon!

Thanks for reading! <3