After enjoying straight hair for a while I decided to go back to wearing my curls. This was the perfect time to try something new so I decided to try Arosci Luxe Curls Defining Cream. I received this product from winning their contest on Facebook.

The packaging was very clean and there was plenty of product inside for several applications. I did find though that I needed to use a lot of product so it could define my curls.

The product itself had an herbal-soapy scent which is hard to describe. All of their products have a distinct aroma because they are supposed to be aromatherapeutic. I found the scent to be ok.

The texture was a light cream full of tiny bits of glitter. It looked so pretty in the light! It acted like a gel though in the fact that it did not play well with other products and stylers. So when I used this I only used it solo.

After it dried in my hair my hair was very fluffy and voluminous. I loved it and it looked great. I am usually not a fan of big hair but I really liked the way it looked in my hair. It was also soft to the touch. Unfortunately this product doesn’t have much hold so when I went to sleep it got flattened.Overall it was a nice product and defineltey something different than I’m used to!

Have you ever tried Arosci Products? Tell me down below!

Thanks for reading! <3