The original Creme of Nature shampoo was a highly raved about product. It was sulfate-free before sulfate-free became cool. Many were distraught about it being discontinued but I was not that saddened! The original “red label” version left my hair hard and stripped feeling yet the “green label” left my hair feeling coated and unclean. When I heard that the new sulfate free version would be an upgrade to their previous formulation, I was ready to try out Creme of Nature once again.

I waited a bit to try out this product. I first bought the Gloss and Shine polisher from this line. I liked it but found it a bit too light for my tastes. Also the smell, although pleasant, was very cloying.

After seeing positive reviews for the shampoo I decided to try it out. The new formula came in a pretty red packaging along with the rest of the products from the Argan oil line. The product itself was an amber color with a nice shimmer to it. However, I found the smell to be off putting. It smelled like detergent! Unfortunately, the smell wasn’t like the “fresh scent of Gain”. It smelled more like the “off putting scent of industrial toilet cleaner”.

New formulation

New formulation

When I used it on my hair my hair began to get very tangly. It almost felt as if my cuticles were being raised as I shampooed this stuff in. When I washed it out my hair felt awful. Not only was it tangled but it felt hard and stripped. I figured this had to be a fluke! There were too many positive reviews! Some even said this was the holy grail of sulfate free shampoos! I tried it again. And again. And one more time after that.

I hate it.

It does not deliver “moisture and shine” like the label says it does. Instead, it sucks all of the moisture out of my hair and then leaves it smelling like toilet detergent all day.

All in all, I do not recommend this shampoo! I would rather use a sulfate shampoo than this. It would be less stripping and smell better. Luckily, I didn’t have to throw the Argan shampoo out. I just found a new purpose for it that it is well suited for….

Great For the toilet!

Great For the toilet!

I have to say though, the marketing and design for this line is really great. The exotic looking packaging and the models hair look amazing (albeit unrealistic). How can you not be tempted to buy a product when the models hair looks like that! The thickness! The shine! The length! Its almost like looking at hair porn!

Fairytale Hair! One can dream....

Fairytale Hair! One can dream….

Have you tried this product or any other Creme of Nature Argan oil Products? What did you think of them?