In the past few years I didn’t want to fall into the hype of getting a seamless comb. It seemed so pointless! A comb is a comb is a comb! Seamless was just another hyper word in the hair care industry like “argan oil” or “nano technology”. However, since I got the silkomb, this little birdies tune has changed!

It is a reasonable price for a seamless comb at about 8 dollars. Many seamless combs are made of a heavy carbon or silicone polymer. Bone combs are the most expensive and most likely are made up of unicorn horn and hand crafted by the nimble hands of a hair elf. That is the only way I could justify the prices for one!

I decided to get the wide toothed rat tail/pin tail comb. I chose this because I don’t really comb my hair except when I am rollersetting. The wider teeth sounded great because i could still get the smooth look I wanted without having to pull my hair though such fine teeth.

Upon first glance it didn’t look that different from nay other rat tail comb I’ve seen.. It wasnt until i put it side to side against my old faithful “green bean” (aka cheap beauty supply comb I’ve had for years). The differences became quite apparent then!

The silkomb’s teeth are thinner, longer in length and are better spaced. All of these qualities make it able to comb though the hair more efficiently.

I combed my hair with it and instantly fell in love! After rollersetting with it I lost such a small amount of hair, much less than with my old comb.

The choice was a no brainer! after years of smoothing and detangling my hair I had to break up wth Mr Green Bean and say hello to Mr Silkcomb!

So far “Silky” hasn’t let me down yet! It glides through my hair and removes shed hair effectively. I have not had any tangling issues due to shed hair because of this! If anyone is looking for a seamless finer toothed comb on a budget you might want to look into getting out!

Have you switched to seamless combs? what do you think of the difference?

Thanks for reading <3