This year I started off with just a few inches of new growth. I am really pleased on how much length I was able to retain this year!

After I Big Chopped my hair I only had about 5 inches of growth. It was so short!

Now at the end of the year I have about 8-9 inches of hair and I’m really pleased! It starting to feel long already!

Around the early part of the year I got my transitioning hair cut into a shoulder length inverted bob.

Now at the end of the year my hair has reached the length of the bob although My straightened hair looked more polished back then! I used a new crappy product during my December length check so my hair doesn’t look as great. Plus my ends are not as thick because my hair is full of layers from the BC. Even so, I am really happy with the length I was able to retain. Next year I will be tracking my growth more closely and doing regular length checks. My next goal is to get to Arm Pit Length in 2014! I have a long ways to go!

Thanks for reading! <3