Snip! Snip!

Snip! Snip!

I am both happy and sad it had to come to this. Last month I decided to go swimming. I did all of the protective measures before swimming such as: covering my hair in conditioner, sealing it with an oil and wearing a swim cap. I swam for about 4 hours. Once I got out, I immediately went to shampoo with swimmers shampoo. As I washed my hair, it began to come out in clumps! I had never seen my hair fall out so much! I was distraught! I didn’t go swimming again and went heat free for a month. So when I put in my new keratin and straightened my hair, the result was horrendous!

It was so bad it won't display!

It was so bad it won’t display!

I could not wear my hair down and I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy my hair with those tattered ends. There was no getting around it. I had to chop. So I pulled out my brand new hair shears and went to work.

My ends are not perfect :o(

My ends are not perfect :o(

My ends look better over all but i’m still having a problem with the thinning in the center of my head. Whenever I wear my hair curly the center of my hair matts horribly. The hair is pretty sparse there naturally so when the breakage happens it really looks bad.When I was natural this was apparent too but it was nowhere near as noticeable. Its a bummer, but I hope it will be easier to have a better hemline as I grow it out.

I actually trimmed it a little more afterwards because I wanted to get rid of the gap but for some reason it made my hair look weird! So yeah, I am hiding the scissors for a while.On to the keratin!

I recently was able to buy a sample size of QOD Max Organiq off of someone who had a big ol’ bottle and wasn’t going to use it all. Thanks so much girl! I wanted a bigger size than a 2 oz but I didn’t want to spring for a liter. (QOD if you are reading, please offer 4, 8 or 16 oz bottles!)


I tried it the same day I received it! I was so excited to try something new and nothing I have used recently has satisfied me. Usually I would to a strand test but I felt like there were enough reviews for me to go for the gusto. (I do not recommend this when trying a new keratin treatment!)

I did a modified application and only flat ironed at 340. I still got beautiful results that were very smooth. There were no fumes or any irritations at all.

The Rinse Out

The Rinse Out

What I loved the most about this treatment is that my roots did not revert AT ALL. Like, them roots didn’t even think about reverting until the day I washed my hair. It was amazing! Ever since then, my texlaxed ends have been smooth and behaved. I have no issues with tangling at all. It didn’t really loosen my roots that much but I am just loving how my ends act. So far it seems great!

I am going to try this a few more times and give a more comprehensive review in the future. It may just become a staple because it is fairly easy to get and is effective.

Stay tuned!

All in all, I think I am starting the new year on a good note! New cut, new keratin, new me! Watch out 2013!

Happy New Year Every One!