I didnt have to cut much off...

I didnt have to cut much off…

After being frustrated with transitioning for so long I decided to just go ahead and cut the relaxed ends off. I wanted to wear my hair straight during the summer but I just do not have the patience to mess with heat tools . it seems so futile to straighten my hair while sweating it out at the same time. While I’m sure there is a product out there that can prevent this, I really just wanted an excuse to finally go natural.

My lil fro!

My lil fro!

I chopped my hair off using what I called the coil method. I pretty much made a bunch of comb coils in my hair and chopped where the hair stops curling. iIplan on talking a little more about it in a future post. It was really simple and I was able to keep most of my length. I still have a few pieces here and there that need trimming but i think it looks pretty good for having done it myself.

In a puff

In a puff

In the pictures I am using Kismera energizing leave in. it makes my hair really shiny and soft. I love it! It was still perfectly defined on day two so I put it in a cute little puff. My hair is actually long enough to put into a high ponytail but I do not want to stress my hair right now. I will be wearing wash and goes and puff until I can get some decent hang time.

I'm finally free!

I’m finally free!

Even though I am not a fan of the short hair look on me (my head is big and round like a pumpkin lol) I am totally enjoying the free feeling of beng able to wash and go again. I like not having to be a slave to a style or heat tools. I can wear it straight or curly if i want and thats the whole point of my blog. Natural hair gives us options!

That being said i think i am going to have a honeymoon with my natural hair and not straighten or keratin treat it for a while. even so i will still have plenty of tricks and reviews from both straight and curly hair in the future! stay tuned!

Thanks for reading <3