The Tall n Curly blog has recently caught my attention and plenty of others as well. If you haven’t seen it yet is a cute silly and quirky hair blog about curly hair. Instead of your regular “10 tips to grow long curly hair” or “how to scrunch you curls tutorial” kind of blog, Cheyan uses a cartoons to relay a satirical viewpoint on dealing with curly hair. She has a good sense of humor and really captures the essence of #curlyhairprobelms. Here is one of my favorite cartoons:

In addition, Cheyan is a really talented illustrator and has some beautiful curly haired artworks on her site as well. Here is one of her pieces that I just LOVE!

So far her site is really inspires me to keep practicing in my artwork an illustrations! I look forward to watching her site grow in content and I even may submit some fan art as well! It also keeps me focuses on making some of my art related blog goals come true such as making flash cartoons.(that is totally a work in progress at this point)

Thanks for the Inspiration Cheyan!