Shortly after doing the big chop I fell in love with this product. It was a creamy leave in that had keratin in it (my favorite thing). I used the whole bottle and it gave me very good results. I wouldn’t repurchase though because there are some things I did not like about the product…

First of all I LOVE the size of this product. I really like big pump bottles and tubs of conditioner. It almost felt too big when I was trying to finish it up!

Like I said before it has a smooth creamy consistency. It also had a nice scent to it like a perfume.

When I put it in my natural curls it defined them like crazy. I never had hair quite as defined as when I used this product. not only were my curls ultradefined, they were also shiny as all get out! I loved the results on day one.

After day one though, it would give my hair a flakey ashy cast to it and it felt extremely coated. I had to wash it out and re apply if I wanted to look presentable.

In the end I used it to slick back my hair. it worked extremely well for that purpose as well. I still had issues of ashy dull looking hair so I has to redo my hair often. It is because of this I would not repurchase. Perhaps this product would work better with a looser, more silkier hair type.

Thanks for reading! <3