Ever since the Crea Clip came on the scene I have been secretly lusting for one. The idea looks so awesome and the videos on youtube made it look really simple and easy to use. Everything was great……until I looked at the price. All I could think was….

I tried for months to find a cheaper alternative to no avail. That is, until this black friday……

I was doing my usual perusing for deals and came across a website called focalprice.com. It had advertised this “hair cutting tool” for only 4.99 + free shipping on sale. I thought “what the hell!” and decided to buy it. Then I had a slowpoke moment and decided to google the website.

It turns out it has horrible reviews! People were being scammed left and right. I was mortified but then again I wasn’t too saddened because I used paypal and it was only 5 bucks.

Lo and behold, a week later I get a package from china on my door step. I was really surprised!

My 5 dolla Crea clip

My 5 dolla Crea clip

I can't read any of this

I can’t read any of this

I’m so excited! I plan on doing a full review in the future once I have used it a couple of times. So far I can say that if the quality is anything near the original, I would be really mad if I paid full price! Stay tuned!