During my transition I went to the salon and had my hair done with this product. It made my hair gorgeously shiny and prevented it from reverting until I washed my hair. I thought that if I was to buy this myself I could get those salon results at home.

This is an Italian product from the KUZ line of hair products. They are really high quality products and cost a pretty penny for a 16 oz jar. This particular product was made to smooth “unruly” hair, whatever that means. lol

The product itself is a thick cream with an soft interesting scent. It smells like an old friend or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I like the smell.

Thick n' creamy

Thick n’ creamy

When i used it i always used it before blowdrying .When it was time to flat iron my hair I would get silky shiny results at home. Its not a perfect duplicate of the salon hair but it did its job well.

This is when I was transitioning

This is when I was transitioning

On natural unstraightened hair the product unfortunately does not seem to work as well. I have no idea why. My hair looked ashy and dull when I tried to straighten it. Now that I have 100% non relaxed hair I prefer this product as a styler. It really makes the curls pop!

Curls a poppin'

Curls a poppin’

Overall, I would recommend this product to people with relaxed or texlaxed hair. I am still searching for a products that can keep my hair straight now that i no longer relax or bkt regularly. If anyone has a suggestion hit me up!

Thanks for reading!<3