When starting out my blog I contacted a few companies about their products. One of the first to respond was Mirta de Perales. They were so lovely to send me a complete box of one of their keratin hair line and even a letter wishing me success with my blog! Right off the bat their customer service was great and to top it off their products were actually great as well!

Mirta de Perales products have been being sold for quite a long time and have a loyal fan base. Their newest line consists of 4 products: a shampoo,conditioner, leave in and serum. These products contain both keratin and Argan oil as their selling points and are specifically made to keep hair healthy when using heat styling tools. They are also packaged beautifully! I just love the bronzy bottles and shiny labels!

The Shampoo

This is a sulfate free shampoo that comes in a very nice sized 16 oz bottle. It was on the thicker side in consistency and had a nice pearlecent sheen. It also smelled fresh and nice. What I liked about the product was that It was gentle on cleansing and didn’t make my hair hard after washing.

What I didn’t like about this shampoo is that it sometimes reacted with other products and instead of cleaning my hair left a thick white residue near my new growth and scalp. I do not know what exactly causes this reaction because I used the line exclusively for a few weeks and had this happen with the complementing products as well. I tried this shampoo on my cousins hair as well and it left a residue on the scalp. Because it doesn’t occur every time, it seems to be a certain thing that makes this happen but like I said I could not figure out exactly what it was.

I feel as though the shampoo might be a good sulfate free alternative if one uses light products. But since I use a lot of cones and petro products its seems to not work as well for me. I have to say it was the first sulfate free shampoo I didn’t completely hate. I personally prefer sulfates in my shampoo.

The Conditioner

This dinky 6 oz conditioner was really the best product in the whole line. The slip it gave was AH-MAZE-ING! I used it sparingly because it was small but it worked extremely well.

It has a really nice light consistency and went on easy. Once I added some heat it literally turned my hair into butter. Really the only downside to this product was that it was so small especially compared to the massive accompanying shampoo. If you can get over the size I would definitely recommend this product. I tend to prefer large sizes but if I was in a pinch and needed something reliable I would definitely purchase this.

The Leave in conditioner/Dressing

This was a nice product especially when used in conjunction with the serum from this line. The bottle is on the small side but not much is needed for it to be effective.

It was a bit runny but the consistency worked great for smoothing my hair when I rollerset. The best use for this product actually turned out to be for moisturizing dry hair for me. It is really moisturizing and lightly scented so it was suitable for use throughout the week. It did what it exactly what it said it would so I was quite pleased.

The Serum

The serum was one of my favorite products from this line, second to the conditioner by just a margin. It was a thicker serum but it still left my hair light and bouncy.

It has a slight ambery color and goes on very smoothly. I really loved this serum because it made my rollersets have so much shine and smoothness. Its darn near perfect except for one issue:

The smell.

Now the smell isn’t horrible….. it just is strong and musky. Think of a slightly sweeter smelling men’s cologne.While I tend to like musks, I don’t like them in my hair. Thankfully the smell quickly dissipates after a while, but initially it is a turn off. I found it a bit strange that the rest of the products had a nice fresh scent and this was drastically different. In terns of performance this is easily one of my most favorite serums ever. It works even better then some more expensive serums I’ve used in the past.

Also the company sent me some sample packs of the serum so if you are interested in trying them just let me know!

Smooth and shiny at 11 months post

Smooth and shiny at 11 months post

Final result

Final result

Here is a picture of my hair right after I took out the rollers with no flash. My hair was very smooth and it had a beautiful natural looking shine to it. I also added a picture with flash to show you how blingalicious my hair was. Other than the shampoo, I had very consistent results with this line.

Overall, I was very pleased with these products and would recommend them as an affordable line for someone who straightens and or rollersets often. The serum is really a winner and if you can get past the initial smell you will have very smooth and shiny hair for days!

Thanks for reading! <3