Out with the old...

Out with the old…


If you didn’t know, I used to press my hair for quite some time. I would blow dry, press and flat iron my coils and keep it straight for 3 weeks. I mainly used an electric pressing comb and my favorite product to press with was Apex pressing oil. I thought it was great plus it only had 3 ingredients: petroleum,lanolin and fragrance. Getting the right amount took some time but once I did I had nice bouncy results that resisted reversion. Apex is a tried and true brand. It has literally been around forever! Yet as the natural revolution evolves, more and more companies are reformulating products with entirely natural ingredients.

While I was looking up smoothing products I stumbled across this blog post. I thought it was quite intriguing! The company Kay Vel has launched an all natural greaseless pressing cream as part of its hair therapy system.

...In with the new!

…In with the new!

Ingredients: Soybean and cottonseed active components derived from plants, grapeseed, sunflower, other essential natural plants, color, fragrance

I just had to get more information about it! So I called up the company and they told me a few things about their product:

  • This product is mainly sold to stylist but it is also available to the consumer.
  • It makes the hair more manageable but does not permanently loosen or straighten hair
  • It is safe for chemically treated hair
  • It can be used as often as one wishes with no repercussions
  • It can be used for pressing, flat ironing, blowdrying and rollersetting
    the only 100% natural pressing cream on the market

Also I found out that the actual formula was created in 1947. Overtime, it was lost in the shuffle and other petroleum based products ruled the market. It wasn’t until recently that the formula began to be in production again.

I have used other creme presses in the past, but they made my hair feel too oily and heavy. I really have high hopes for this! I may have to revisit my pressing comb!

Thanks for reading <3