New age smoothing treatments

New age smoothing treatments

Keratin treatments have been gaining in popularity, but their varying risks and results have manufactures looking to have a similar smoothing effect with less risks. This has led to the rise of new age smoothing treatments that differ in ingredients while providing a sleek smooth look. These systems boast to have NO FORMALDEHYDE and NO KERATIN. This is what differentiates them from the regular keratin treatments and progressive straightening systems on the market today. This kind of smoothing treatment comes in many forms but I would like to focus on the ones that are applies with a quick and easy foam solution.

These systems usually use cysteine or one of its variations as the major smoothing ingredient. Cysteine is an sulfur containing amino acid and is essential for making skin, hair and nail tissue. When combined with a polymer and heated it creates cross links with the hair fiber. This yields a result that is smooth and sleek while providing curl elongation. This effect is not permanent and after several washes it will revert back to its original form. These products also claim to reduce breakage and tangling while increasing manageability due to their strengthening abilities.

There are 4 Major Smoothing systems on the market today that utilize this new technology:


Arosci is a fairly new product line that caters to salons. Their products are high quality and their line has a nice range of products.

Notable features:

  • Mainly Sold to professionals
  • Option to buy the set or individual products
  • Comes in a trial size or regular size
  • Has both a serum and foam based formula

I have personally not tried products from their line as of yet, but blogger/vlogger “My Long Hair Journey” has a comprehensive review on this system. She provides video of the before, during and after the application as well as updates which is just awesome!

Design Essentials

Design Essentials Strengthening therapy

Design Essentials has been a big player in the hair game for quite some time. Their relaxers and styling products have been a professional staple in many salons worldwide. They have been paying attention to the hair trends and have recently released a Naturals line as well as this Strengthening therapy system.

Notable features:

  • Salon Only!
  • 2 foam formulas, designed for different amounts of curl elongation
  • 1 Non elongating hair repair Silkening spray

It was a bit difficult finding a review on this product, but has a great recap of the results that can be obtained with this system.


Essations Naked Thermal Smoothing System

Essations Naked Thermal Smoothing System

Essations is a company that has a huge variety of high end salon products that cater to both natural and relaxed hair. Their Naked line features ingredients such as almond, honey, lanolin and aloe to both strengthen and moisturize the hair in decadence.

Notable Features:

  • Mainly sold to professionals
  • Large range of products
  • Not difficult to obtain

I did a review on the thermal smoothing complex. Judging from the results, I can easily bet that other products from their line are high quality and effective.


Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System

Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System

Huetiful is known for its very popular hair and facial steamer. This company has decided to branch out into making more hair care products and has come out with this new hair care system.

Notable Features:

  • Salon only!
  • Has additional heat protectant step
  • Maintenance conditioner refreshes the system

Youtuber CharyJay had the privilege to try the system out. Here are her results! She also has follow up videos on how it washed out over time which is great!


Overall, these systems are great. I also like that many of the companies are black owned, providing high quality products and services. That is definitely a step in the right direction! What I don’t like is the high price of these products whether you get it done in the salon or buy it yourself. I also don’t like having to go to a salon to get certain treatments. Even though they have the title of “professional”, many are very rough when handling hair and often use way too much heat. I’d rather ruin my own hair than pay hundreds of dollars for someone else to do it for me thankyouverymuch!

What do you think of these types of systems? Which one would you try?

Thanks for reading <3