During one of my hauls I was able to find Novex gold Booster at a steal of a price! I ended up purchasing two and loving this deep conditioner ever since! It’s not like the other novex conditioners. Instead it is super concentrated and I feel it works better than the Novex conditioner in the tub!

The product comes in a very large tube. Think of a jumbo sized toothpaste! LOL The tube itself is made of metal and you need to puncture the tip of the tube in order to get the product out.

The packaging is so cool to me! It looks sleek and chick. It makes you feel like you really have gold in your hands and you really do because the product itself is amazing!

The product is actually made with real gold! Can you believe that!? It is a thin yellow cream with a golden shimmer to it. It really looks and feel like a luxurious product. It is a bit thinner than the regular Novex conditioners in the tub but I find it way more moisturizing than the others.

What I also like about this conditioner is that it makes my curls snap back very tightly. This is essential for me because I use heat regularly. I also like the way it looks in my hair when deep conditioning. It looks so pretty and glimmery!

All in all I really love this product and keep a tube of this in my stash. What more can i say other than Embelleze Novex makes great products. So far everything I used from them has been a hit! After trying this gold conditioner I would also like to try the other products from their gold line. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading! <3