During the days of my transition I was pretty much trying anything with keratin in it.I was having trouble keeping my relaxed hair from breaking off but nothing could really help. At the time was loving qod max and I decided that I would try this keratin reconstructor to see if it would help

I bought the huge bottle during a black friday sale and it lasted me the entire year and then some. I used it several different ways and the best way was just simply sitting under the dryer with this on. I would also mix some with my moisturizing DCs so my hair wouldn’t get hard although it never left my hair hard on its own.

Big ol' bottle

Big ol’ bottle

The product has a runny texture like egg whites it was clear and had an inoffensive scent. It was very easy to apply and rinse out as well. I really enjoyed the product and my hair felt so strong after a deep conditioning treatment.

The bad part was that my hair became over “proteinated” and began to break. I was loosing hair and I kept deep conditioning with it more and more without doing moisturizing treatments. It did not stop the breakages I was going through while transitioning unfortunately. Overall, I think a cheaper protein treatment would have done the job. I would not repurchase or recommend this product. It is probably better left to a professional.

Thanks for reading<3