Updated November 2014

On wash days

  • Hair is divided into 4 sections and shed hair is removed.
  • Depending on what kind of product was used in hair prior to washing I may or may not shampoo. If I use gel or a petroleum based product, I would shampoo. I shampoo at least once a month but I usually Co-wash instead. I will do this with either a regular rinse out conditioner or with a cleansing conditioner.
  • I like to deep condition my hair 1-2 times a week. Deep conditioner is applied and is left on for 30-60 mins with heat. If left for longer, I wear a tight fitting skull cap to retain body heat.
  • Hair is rinsed and then finger combed to remove more shed hair.
  • A leave in conditioner is applied along with or without a styler. The styler depends on the look I am trying to achieve.(I use a serum for straight hair, setting lotion for a set curled look, a thick creamy leave in for wash n goes or a heavy cream/butter for a twist out look.
  • I mainly wear wash n goes for the spring and summer and straight looks and twist outs for the fall and winter.

Smoothing Treatments

  • Occasionally, I will do a smoothing treatment to keep my hair straighter and smoother during the more humid months. I take great care not to use any kind that will permanently alter my hair texture.

Daily Maintenance

  • For straight hair I pincurl nightly or cross wrap. No product is added to the hair unless it is unusually dry.(rare) If so I will use a bit of serum.
  • With straight hair, If it becomes frizzy due to humidity or unforeseen weather circumstance a small amount of serum or moisturizer is applied and hair is set on satin rollers overnight.

Internal Health and Growth Aids

  • I take a regular multivitamin along with a hair skin and nails vitamin. I also take vitamins to support my thyroid.
  • I believe a good diet is essential for overall skin, hair and body health. I do my best to eat a diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables,fruits, and quality proteins.
  • I also do not apply anything externally to stimulate hair growth. I feel as though any yield one gets from external hair growth is far too small for the amount of time, money and energy needed to see any visible result.