Should professional hair products only be used by professionals?

It seems like such a silly question at first glance it almost immediately invokes a “uhhhh DUHHHH” response! Why shouldn’t a professional be entitled to products only for them?! The reality is that many regular women use professional products with no qualifications at all (my self included!). Why is it that regular people want to have access to products that are only reserved for stylists? Why is it that regular people just cant bring their big lazy butts down to a salon where they can get it done RIGHT? It took me a while to think about the most accurate and politically correct way of saying this. Instead, I decided to say it as directly as possible.

The answer is simple.
People will buy what they want!

That’s right ! In the end, as long as people have the money, access and desire people will purchase anything they please. Just by looking online, whether it be a derma roller, a strong chemical peel, or an 18 piece makeup brush set there are professional products that are bought by regular consumers everyday. Each of the following point give some insight as to why more and more women are going to the professional products instead of the professional people.


Money may be considered the root of evil, but it is actually the root of why most of these transactions take place! Some people would rather spend their money on buying high quality products that gives them the salon look at home instead of having to pay someone else to do it for them. This may be due to having a bad stylist, not wanting to be tethered to a salon for maintenance, or just plain enjoying to afford the luxury that professional products can provide.

Also, many resellers see that there is money to be made so that is why many professional products are also sold to regular consumers a higher price. That way there can be more profit to the seller(instead of selling to professionals only) and the consumer can still get what they want. It really boils down to the Benjamins.


Even with money, no products can be purchased if they aren’t anywhere to be found. The thing is that so many brick and mortar stores are getting a bigger and bigger supply of these professional products. Not to mention, the Internet has made pretty much ANYTHING you can think of easily purchased with just a few clicks. And if someone wants a product enough they can just find a friend of theirs who is a stylist to purchase something for them. These days, as long as someone wants something, there is someone willing to sell it to them!


No one is going to stop using drugstore products if there isn’t something motivating them. Why would they loose the comfort of getting something that is chap and easily purchased? This could be bad results with lower quality products or even being burned by a supposed professional. It could be financial burdens of going to a salon regularly or just wanting to splurge on quality products. In addition, the growth of resources on the Internet has been giving women more control over their own haircare. The desires of wanting to get salon results at home are becoming increasingly a reality which is spurning the growth of DIY’ers.

Really, there are so many factors that push a person these days to decide to go DIY but the main issue is that its not coming from NOWHERE. People will always have a reason why regular products aren’t enough for them anymore, whether a professional agrees with it or not.

In the end, I’m not saying what is fair or unfair or what is correct or not correct. This is just the reality of the situation. People are going to do what they want with their money and in the end they are the ones that will deal with the results, whether good or bad. So it is reasonable to see why a person would want the easiest, cheapest and most reliable way to get the best results.

I personally feel as if nothing serious is at risk why not? It’s only hurting my pockets and I am enjoying the quality of products I purchase. If a company wants to keep their products out of the hand of consumers, make sure you sell to vendors who strictly sell to stylist only. As for stylist who do not like people purchasing professional products, I feel like whether you like it or not people are going to do it anyway. The best thing to do to counter act this is to be a professional, dont be afraid to educate your clientèle and actually listen to what your clients say.

This may be obvious but there are so many stylist who do not even do these basic things. There will always be a need for your professional services as long as you do your job well, so please do not feel threated if you see the trends towards DIY.

Thanks for reading! <3