In an effort to thicken up my hair I decided to try Rusk Being Gutsy hair thickener. As it turns out it was a pretty good curl definer as well. This product left me pleasantly surprised.

The packaging was pretty plain yet modern looking with a purple and grey color scheme. I thought the tube was a bit small at first but once I started to use the product I quickly came to realize that not much was needed to do the trick.

The products itself is a thick custard like texture with an inoffensive fresh scent. It felt nice going on my hair and I felt it clumped my curls nicely. It reminded me of a cream like gel but it did not act the same way as gel does when mixed with other creamy products.(cottage cheese clumpiness)

Here are the results with the product in my hair. It dries soft to the touch and it gave me incredible shine. I saw some complaints of the hair feeling “producty” when dried but for my tight coils it gave me the right amount of hold. I was really pleased with this product for curl definition. As far as thickening goes, the jury is still out on that! LOL. Since it was good for curl defining though, I made plenty use of it!

Have you tried any of rusks products? Tell me about it below!

Thanks for reading! <3