I'm Shoulder length!

I’m Shoulder length!

I decided in the middle of a heat wave it would be the perfect time to straighten my hair! I was so anxious to see my hair straight that I ignored all of my gut instincts and went ahead and straightened the whole thing! As it turns out I’m Shoulder Length! Yay! Not to shabby for just a little over a years worth of growth.
I shampooed,conditioned, blowdried and flat ironed my hair. I used a mix of Arosci and Kismera products.(reviews coming soon)

My hair as straight but it still started to poof up(mainly at the roots) because it is so darn humid and hot. So I decided to put in some pin curls to help set the style.

Granny 'Do

Granny ‘Do

I hated the end result but it was probably because I only left them in for about 10 minutes.My hair made me looks like an old lady! Not only that, my head felt so hot and I was sweating! I didn’t want to bother with having to be uncomfortable all week so I decided to just do a wash n go.

My curls are reverting here

My curls are reverting here

Surprisingly I had the best wash n go ever. My hair was so perfectly defined and used alot less product. my hair looks and feels like it had been revitalized! I think some heat should be always in my regimen. I was having a bit of difficulty with managing my hair and contemplating a keratin treatment. As it turns out, my hair just needed a little bit of heat!

I wont be using heat again for a while though. I would like for my hair to be at a length were I can comfortably make a ponytail before I straighten again. Oh, and I probably wont straighten until it gets a bit cooler too! LOL

Thanks for reading!<3