Rollersetting with Hourglass/ Conici Rollers

After some time working with Conici rollers I finally figured out how to use them to attain the best results on naturally textured hair. It took a few bad hair days but I got it eventually! The first time I used them I decided to work with pins since I assumed they give me more tension and smoother results. The pins I had were not the pins from the Capelli Care website so I am not sure if their pins were longer. The pins I used were the standard plastic 3 inch pins. The holes in the rollers do...
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An upclose look at Conici/ hourglass rollers

I have been searching for a large plastic mesh roller for years! Up until recently they were not available in the United States. As soon as they became avaliable I made sure to snatch up a few sets for myself! Lets take a look on the differences between these conical rollers and my old red mesh rollers. I purchased these rollers from Capelli Care, a new website that sells both hourglass and halo (straight) rollers. The packaging was neat and it shipped very fast! They also regularly have sales which makes purchasing them so much better. I purchased the...
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