Salvaging a Bad Flat Ironing Session

This week I decided to try a new flat ironing cream from L’oreals new smooth intense line. I was left with VERY unexpected result : greasy ends and puffy roots. It looked as if I haven’t washed my hair in ages, even though I had just washed my hair! This is really upsetting, given the fact I had spent so much time trying to straighten my hair in the first place! I was ready to re wash my hair and just deal with my crazy transitioning hair! Instead, I decided to work with what I had and revive this...
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L’oreal Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Line

Just a few weeks ago L’oreal unveiled several lines from its new “Advanced Haircare” collection. These lines include Total Repair 5, Triple Resist, Color Vibrancy, Power Moisture, and Smooth Intense. In the past, I have only used one L’oreal hair product and I wasn’t particularly wowed. The Smooth Intense line particularly stood out to me as it was targeted to straighten hair and prevent premature frizzing. With the sleek sexy bottles and tempting promises, I decided that it was worth the few bucks to satiate my curiosity. As it turns out, the lines are not exactly “new”. They are...
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