Here are the Notes from the first week of the challenge

Products used

  • Shampoo: Mirta De perales Keratin shampoo
  • Deep conditioner: Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner
  • Leave in: QOD Keratin + Rusk Be Gutsy thickener
  • Finish: Alfaparf Semi de Lino Cristali Liquidi
  • Extras: Alter Ego Nequal Drops

What I did

I applied the Nequal drops on my scalp the day before washing. This was to help reduce the shedding when I actually wash my hair. On wash day I divided my hair into 4 sections and shampooed on dry hair. This means I applied shampoo onto dry hair section by section. this process allowed my hair to revert in manageable sections instead of all at once. I was left with clean tangle free hair after I rinsed. This process will defineltey be a keeper in my regimen.

Next I applied Alter Ego Garlic Hot Oil Treatment on my hair i left it on for an hour with heat. My hair was nice and manageable when i rinsed it out and my new growth looked curly and rejuvenated. Everything was going well up until this point.

I decided to use QOD Keratin as a leave in instead of something less intense and my hair did not like it. I sealed it in with the Ultrasonic Iron and everything seemed ok at first. I then applied the Rusk thickener. When I began to blowdry i noticed that my hair began to break profusely. I did not even use a high heat setting! I think i had over infused my hair with protien and it began to break because of this.

After blowdrying I added a pump of the Cristali Liquidi and flat ironed. The breakage continued even as I flat ironed with my new Sonicglide . It only stopped once I used the steam burst function on the iron. The end results were smooth straight hair with tons of body. its unfortunately i had to have a mini haircut from all of the breakage that occurred during this wash day.

What I will change for next time

  • Remove all shed hair after washing with my Silkcomb before blowdrying
  • Use a Deep Condtioner containing keratin and seal that instead to save time.
  • Instead of leaving in keratin product after sealing, rinse out.
  • Use only 1 leave in.
  • Use a heat protectant.