Many people today have heard of the ever popular Brazilian Blowout or more generally called Brazilian keratin treatment. These systems use heat to create polymers that coat the hair and change its shape temporarily. the end result is a high gloss bone straight look and when washed the curls are shinier, looser and more behaved than before.

The process:

Hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo several times to strip the hair and open the cuticles. this is done to allow the best penetration of the keratin treatment.

After hair has been washed it is then dried and then the keratin solution is applied to the hair in small sections. when completed the hair is combed through and let to sit for 5-10 minutes.

Then the hair is blow dried until straight and dry. Afterwards it is flat ironed several times at high heat until the product is “baked” into the hair. It is then either left to stay in the hair for a few days to “cure” or it is washed out and restyled the same day, depending on the formula.

The Good and the Bad

The Good and the Bad

The Good

This treatment can make the hair much straighter and smoother. this helps to increase manageability and decrease styling time. also depending on the formula the hair reverts after non use. that means there is no noticeable regrowth at the roots of the hair after a period of time. this makes keratin treatments a great way to manage curly hair during a transition to natural hair or for occasional super straight hair urges.

The Bad

Formulas on the market vary so much so it is hard to say how a particular treatment will work in the hair without at least doing a test section. Certain formulas have different effects on the hair. some are made to straighten the hair completely while others are formulated for curl loosening and volume reduction. Also certain formulas accumulate on the hair over time and repeated treatments which can cause a permanent straitening of the ends over time. this is usually an undesired result.

The Ugly

Many of the older formulas have formaldehyde, a cancer causing agent, as the main ingredient to create the keratin polymers. while creating a very desirable effect on the hair, formaldehyde fumes are created during the blow drying and flat ironing stage of the process. formaldehyde can also seep in through the skin so this will happen every time you wash your hair after getting a formaldehyde based treatment. That is why stylists have to wear masks and gloves when applying the treatment.

Newer amino acid based formulas have come out since the inception of the keratin treatment. they are much safer and still produce great results without any of the worry of older formulas.Some formulas are even so safe that they can be done with out the us of gloves! There tends to be much less bad reviews from the newer formaldehyde free treatments as well.

I personally think that the method of application for a traditional keratin treatment is damaging to the hair which is why so many women initially have great results but later have breakage,heat damage or hair loss. I have had great success with them and I will be sharing how I did so in the following weeks!

Thanks for Reading! <3